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    You will find spare parts, wear and consumable parts for rail vehicles of all kinds.

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  • spare Parts

    Our warehouse currently has more than 2,000 spare parts for rail vehicles.

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  • valves

    For example, heavy duty valves, pressure reducing valves, control valves, solenoid valves

  • conditioning filters

    Air filter - oil filter - Fuel filter - Cabin Filter


Rios's GmbH iG

Rail International Spare Part Service

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conditioning filters

Air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, cabin filter

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display technology

Repair and spare parts service for devices from BROSE, KRUEGER, Wandel & Goltermann

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spare Parts

For example, braking technique, control / control, pegboards Knorr-Bremse, train radio - transmitter / receiver, Zugfunkbediengeräte, valves

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Zugfunkprüfungen (ZMF 21, MESA 23, CGR 3000 etc.)
air maintenance


As a company based in Duisburg we have specialized in spare parts, wear and consumption parts and lettering for rail vehicles of all kinds. We provide all types of train-labels.

EBA numbers and all types of advertising you can get from a single source with us. Cost labeling and fast delivery is a matter of course.

Our Services / Services

Conditioning filters of all kinds
We provide you with air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, cabin air filters
Air maintenance of all vehicles
Bahn Certified air service by our partner companies with more than 50 years of experience (eg Lint 41 / -81 / -27 / -54, Flirt, talent, Coradia Continental, G 1206, G 2000, G 1700, G 1000)
Conducting Zugfunkprüfungen (ZFM 21, MESA 23, CGR 3000 etc.), Radio remote control tests (Catron Theimeg, stone) and Zugsicherungswartungen (PZB, LZB, ATB-NL, ETCS, SHP, MEMOR etc.)